Lincoln Unveils Retirement Program for Small to Mid-Sized DC Plans

Lincoln Financial Group has released a retirement program for small-to-mid-sized plans that uses a mutual fund and collective fund-based platform, including recordkeeping and administrative solutions.

The new program, Lincoln SmartFuture, offers 110 investment options, fiduciary guidance, discretionary account advice services, a flexible pricing structure, and program support for plan sponsors, according to a press release.

The fiduciary guidance offered by the plan includes investment selection, monitoring, evaluation, and substitution services. The program also provides plan participants with investment advice and education services geared toward individual learning styles, the company said.

The Lincoln SmartFuture program can be used for a variety of defined contribution plans including 401(k), 401(a), governmental 457 and 403(b) plans.

The product also includes Lincoln LifeSpan education and investment models geared toward individual learning styles designed to help participants build investment knowledge with the option of investing in funds that combine a retirement target date with a participant’s risk tolerance.

“The Lincoln SmartFuture Retirement program is a significant offering for plan sponsors,” said Westley Thompson, president of Lincoln Employer Markets, in the news release. “The launch of Lincoln SmartFuture helps complete our product continuum and enables us to provide smaller-to-mid size employers with features generally reserved for plans of larger organizations.”