Klein Decisions Releases Client Profiling Tool

Klein Decisions, LLC, released K4 Portfolio Selection, the latest in Klein’s suite of online investment decision tools.

In today’s unprecedented market climate, Klein said in a press release that K4 Portfolio Selection offers a client profiling solution for all advisers, from the smallest shops to the largest financial services firms.

In traditional client profiling, the investor’s suitability, objectives, and priorities are scored, combined, and averaged, which often leads to flawed assumptions and unrealistic expectations for investors, according to Klein. To address that, the firm said within its offering objectives are prioritized and conflicts are resolved before scoring. K4 Portfolio Selection then matches portfolio characteristics to the investor’s specific goals, and portfolios are rank-ordered for that particular investor, according to his or her unique objectives.

“The introduction of K4 Portfolio Selection could not come at a better time,’ said Robert L. Padgette, founder and managing director of Klein Decisions, in the release. “Investor goals and expectations are “top of mind’ for almost everyone in this business. K4 can actually resolve inherent conflicts enhancing investor understanding which leads to commitment for investors and long-term relationships for advisers.’