John Hancock Participant Education Initiatives Include Features for Advisers

John Hancock Retirement Plan Services has announced new initiatives designed to help 401(k) participants with retirement saving and planning that include useful features for financial advisers.

The Set a Goal campaign includes a Web site for financial representatives that provides PDFs of the Set a Goal marketing materials, allowing financial representatives to identify contracts where participants are either less engaged or highly-engaged.

As part of the campaign, participants receive an annual review kit along with their first quarter plan statements, a press announcement said. The kit includes a questionnaire that walks participants through the process of setting a retirement goal.

Participants return the questionnaire to John Hancock and receive a one-page, personalized action plan built around their specific retirement goals. Participants also have the option of completing the survey online and receiving their action plan immediately.

In addition, the Set a Goal campaign provides participants with an online ‘increasing contributions’ calculator, which allows them to choose a contribution amount and see how much their account would be worth after five years.

The EZRoute post-enrollment education initiative includes a “Be Prepared for Emergencies’ component that allows participants to record all their important financial information in one place to help with emergency preparedness. The summary not only helps participants in the event of an emergency, but also helps financial representatives better understand their clients’ needs, John Hancock said.

The EZRoute program is comprised of four distinct modules, focusing on different sets of participant needs. The modules contain seminars and workbooks that teach essential skills related to effective retirement planning.

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