PLANADVISER November/december 2020

What a Year!

With so many bigger issues facing the country, much has happened that almost seems unnoticed.

Tracking Part-Timers’ Hours

How they count hours, implement cash-outs and find missing participants are some of the processes plan sponsors need to review for the SECURE Act’s new requirement.

On the Move

Transactions, promotions and new hires in the financial advisory industry.

Value Judgment

How to best assess an advisory firm’s worth for a merger or an acquisition.

Sequence of Return Risk

There’s more participants should understand than just cutting back on equities.


For these versatile past Advisers of the Year, the plan is just the beginning.

Client Onboarding

How advisers can be sure to deliver all that new partners expect.
Art by Tim Bower

Are You a QPAM?

The nuances of a qualified professional asset manager’s role.