Invesco PowerShares Releases Transportation ETF

Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC, announced the listing of the PowerShares Global Progressive Transportation Portfolio that will begin trading September 18, 2008, on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

The PowerShares Global Progressive Transportation Portfolio (PTRP) is based on the Wilder NASDAQ OMXGlobal Energy Efficient Transport Index. The index tracks the performance of a global group of companies focused on technologies for utilization of greener, more efficient sources of energy to initiate a societal transition toward cleaner, less costly, and more efficient means of transportation.

The Index includes companies listed on global stock exchanges involved in four core focus areas: alternative vehicles; rail and subway systems; sea, land, air, and intermodal; and transport innovation. The Index is rebalanced quarterly using a modified market capitalization-weighting methodology with consideration to trading volume and float-adjusted market capitalization minimums.

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