Invesco Aim Unveils New Strategy for Fund

Invesco Aim has announced changes to the management strategy of AIM Limited Maturity Treasury Fund that it said will allow for more active management of the portfolio.

According to the firm, since its inception on December 15, 1987, AIM Limited Maturity Treasury Fund has invested principally in U.S. Treasury notes with stated maturities of two years at the time of purchase. The portfolio managers have maintained a laddered portfolio and each month have sold the U.S. Treasury notes that have reached one year to maturity and purchased new two-year U.S. Treasury notes.

The firm says that, effective on or about Feb. 16, 2009, fund portfolio managers Brendan Gau and Scot Johnson of Invesco Worldwide Fixed Income will have the ability to purchase U.S. Treasury notes with remaining maturities of five years or less, while maintaining an average weighted maturity of three years or less.

The ability to purchase U.S. Treasury notes with differing maturities is intended to provide managers with the flexibility to adapt to changing market and interest rate conditions while offering fund shareholders the potential to maintain price stability while maximizing total return.