If You’re the Boss…

Chances are, one out of four employees think you’re not doing a good job.  

A recent survey conducted by Persuadable Research Corporation found 25% of respondents are not satisfied with their current boss. The most common reason given was that the boss “lacked people skills,” Persuadable reported.   

Another reason given by respondents was that the boss didn’t have enough experience.  A smaller number thought their boss wasn’t intelligent enough or educated enough to be in charge. Additionally, 55% strongly agree that a good boss should understand group dynamics.

Aside from general feelings of managerial incompetence, Persuadable found a fair amount of respondents who cited down-right misdeeds from their boss.  Sixteen percent said the boss displayed favoritism at work, and another 16% said the boss didn’t take responsibility for problems. Fourteen percent said their boss plays politics in the workplace, 12% stated that their boss belittles them in front of others, and 11% felt their boss has acted unethically.

Twelve percent of respondents blame the boss for not liking their job.