Huntington Shifts Strategy of Rotating Markets Fund

Huntington Funds announced that the Huntington Rotating Markets Fund's (HRITX) investment strategy has shifted from the global market segment to large cap, focusing specifically on the U.S. Dow Jones Industrials.

The Rotating Markets Fund rotates investments among four major market segments:  large cap, mid cap, small cap and global.  The fund manager identifies the most promising market sectors, keeping the fund invested in areas that offer the greatest return on investment.  

A press release said fund Manager Paul Koscik selected the Dow Jones Industrials because they are typically a more conservative equity investment option. The Industrials are comprised of 30 well known, “blue chip” stocks.   

“As market instability has increased, investors have been moving away from riskier investments, such as mid- and small-cap stocks, and leaning more toward conservative and less volatile large-cap ‘Blue Chip’ stocks like those found in the Dow Jones Industrials,” Koscik said in the announcement.    

The Rotating Markets Fund has been focused on the global market segment since April 2009.  This is the fund’s sixth rotation since it launched in May 2001.