How Does Your Program Stack Up?

Ever wonder how your DC plan clients' plan measures up against comparable plans?

Is the match competitive? How does their participation rate stack up to other plans in the same industry? And how about those target date funds – are they reasonably priced and do they offer a sound glide path?

For more than 5 years, PLANSPONSOR Industry Reports, now available for 35 industries, have proven to be invaluable benchmarking tools for financial advisers when pitching to prospects and for client annual plan reviews. Financial advisers appreciate the value of being able to show a prospect or client how their plan stacks up next to others in their same industry and asset class across a host of plan features and metrics.


The report covers all topics covered by the PLANSPONSOR DC Survey:

  • comparisons by asset class
  • comprehensive analysis of dozens of areas of plan design
  • in-depth coverage of 401(k) plan design and investments, including:
  • participation rates
  • automatic enrollment features
  • investment options
  • company match
  • company stock
  • investment advice
  • online features
  • plan costs/fees
  • adviser services
  • investment policy statements

For a limited time, PLANSPONSOR is offering these reports to financial advisers at the deeply discounted price of just $500. If advisers order before December 31st, included for free with the Industry Report will be the PLANSPONSOR/Target Date Analytics “Popping the Hood III’ report on Target Date Funds (a $1,200 value).


If you have additional questions or wish to place an order, please contact Quinn Keeler at or 203-595-3274.