Groups Unveil Auto Enrollment Education Site

A coalition of business groups has unveiled a new Web site designed to educate human resource professionals and business executives about automatic 401(k)s and how to implement them.

The Web site features interactive tools and general information about 401(k) enrollment issues.

According to a news release, the site is particularly useful to small- and medium-sized employers. Its resources include tips on how to get started, the benefits of automatic enrollment, and real-world experiences from companies that have successfully made the switch.

The Retirement Made Simpler coalition includes AARP, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the Retirement Security Project (RSP).

“The Retirement Made Simpler coalition hopes that these positive employee experiences with automatic 401(k)s will be the catalyst employers need to implement these plans in their own companies,” said Mary Schapiro, FINRA’s Chief Executive Officer, in the news release. “AARP, FINRA, and RSP understand the needs of the consumer, the financial services industry, and the savings strategies that can help American workers achieve a secure retirement. We know automatic 401(k)s are a simple and effective way to build retirement savings, and we now know employees like them and want them, too.”

In addition to unveiling the Web site, the group also released the results of a survey of workers that found widespread support for auto enrollment 401(k) programs.