Franklin Templeton Launches Global Bond Portfolio

Franklin Templeton Investments introduced the Templeton Global Total Return Fund, a multi-sector global bond fund designed to capitalize on fixed-income opportunities around the world.

A Franklin news release said the fund invests primarily in fixed and floating-rate bonds of corporations, governments, and government-related issuers worldwide.

In pursuit of total investment return, it is anticipated that the fund will invest in a combination of investment grade and non-investment grade debt. Assets are allocated based on the manager’s assessment of value across countries and sectors, given changing market, political, and economic conditions, as well as an in-depth evaluation of interest rates, exchange rates, and credit risks, according to Franklin.

“Global bonds are among those asset classes that can support portfolio diversification while benefiting from varying economic conditions around the world,” said Portfolio Manager Michael Hasenstab, senior vice president and co-director of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group’s international bond department. “Today’s evolving environment provides global bond investors with the prospects to weather downturns in particular markets, reduce volatility and participate in selective currency and interest rate opportunities.”