First Trust Advisors Introduces 13 ETFs

First Trust Advisors L.P. plans to launch thirteen exchange-traded funds (ETFs) into its current line of sixteen AlphaDEX funds.

The thirteen ETFs are expected to begin trading on April 19 on the NYSE Arca.  

The new funds are: 

  • AlphaDEX International
    • FPA First Trust Asia Pacific Ex-Japan AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FEP First Trust Europe AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FLN First Trust Latin America AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FBZ First Trust Brazil AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FCA First Trust China AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FJP First Trust Japan AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FKO First Trust South Korea AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FDT First Trust Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FEM First Trust Emerging Markets AlphaDEX Fund  
  • AlphaDEX Domestic
    • FNY First Trust Mid Cap Growth AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FNK First Trust Mid Cap Value AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FYC First Trust Small Cap Growth AlphaDEX Fund 
    • FYT First Trust Small Cap Value AlphaDEX Fund  

“The nine funds comprising the AlphaDEX International family of funds consists of a diverse range of broad, regional and single country funds. We believe the positive effects of globalization are going to continue for years to come and investors may benefit from a globally diversified investment portfolio, particularly in the emerging markets where GDP growth for 2011 is projected to be 6.4% compared to 2.2% for advanced economies, according to the International Monetary Fund.” said Dan Waldron, Senior Vice President, Exchange-Traded Funds Strategist of First Trust.

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