Fidelity Provides Mobile Access to Accounts

Fidelity Investments has introduced its NetBenefits Smartphone application.

Available across various platforms—including iPhone and iPod touch devices, Android phones, and Safari and Google Chrome browsers—the app enables users to visualize and access their latest NetBenefits accounts and benefits information via their mobile phones.    

After a secure login process, the app then provides a summary view of all Fidelity-serviced accounts, including workplace savings, personal investment, and health and insurance. Upon tapping into their defined contribution account, participants can check their balances, see personal rate of return, and track investments.   

In addition, participants can assess their personal investing accounts held with Fidelity, such as retirement and non-retirement brokerage accounts, health savings accounts (HSAs), and 529 College Saving Plans, among others. They can also view plan summaries and vesting balances of their stock plan services accounts, as well as get a thorough assessment of their medical, dental, and vision health and insurance plans.   

For live assistance and help from wherever they may be, participants can call their plan’s toll free phone number through the app’s functionality.   

“Whether checking up on their retirement balance or reviewing fund performance, mobile technology is benefiting individuals by granting them access to information they need, when they need it,” said Charles Berman, senior vice president of digital platforms at Fidelity Investments.  “It’s easier now, more than ever, for employees to know at-a-glance how their accounts and savings are performing. This engagement is important as they plan for retirement and all that life entails.”