Fidelity Enhances Advisor 401(k) Platform

Fidelity has made significant changes to its Adviser 401(k) platform, including introducing a new custom pricing schedule.

The firm has:

  • left its standard pricing schedule for Fidelity Advisor 401(k) in favor of a custom pricing model where price is determined by individual plan parameters, such as plan size, number of participants, number of eligible participants, plan services, and the selection of investment options;
  • eliminated the Fidelity Advisor 401(k) proprietary fund requirement; and
  • consolidated the two Fidelity Advisor 401(k) offerings, Premium (plans with 100 participants or greater) and Premium 100 (plans with less than 100 participants), into a single product offering.

According to company spokesman Steve Austin, these changes are “possibly the broadest enhancements made to the Fidelity Advisor 401(k) platform since its inception.’