ETFs Worldwide Collect $33B in June

During June, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) worldwide collected $33 billion in net flows, $10 billion higher than the prior month, according to a report from Strategic Insight (SI).

The June “ETF FlowWatch” report from SI, an Asset International company, also finds that for June, equity ETFs from the U.S., Europe and Asia raised $34 billion, of which $24 billion came from the U.S. Bond and ‘other’ ETFs saw slight redemptions, while mixed ETF flows remained flat for the month.

At the category level, equity U.S.-large cap and mid/small cap ETFs led with $9.5 billion and $4 billion, respectively, followed by equity global-large cap ($3.3 billion), equity Taiwan ($3.1 billion) and equity emerging market ($2.6 billion).

Two Taiwan ETFs, Yuanta/P-shares MSCI Taiwan ETF and Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Top 50 ETF, collectively gathered $2.9 billion. Meanwhile, Bond USD, the top selling category in May ($7.7 billion), experienced outflows of $1.4 billion in June.

Forty-eight new ETFs launched in June garnered more than $2 billion in net flows. China GF CSI Consumer Index ETF was the top selling new ETF in June, attracting $140 million. Two U.S. large cap ETNs (exchange-traded notes) associated with Fisher Investments, UBS AG FI Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETN and CreditSuisse Fl Large Cap Gr Enhanced ETN, each raised more than $500 million in the United States.

State Street launched nine smart beta ETFs that track various MSCI Indexes (World, Emerging Markets, Spain, Japan etc); The MSCI Quality Mix Indexes are equally weighted across the MSCI Value Weighted, MSCI Minimum Volatility and MSCI Quality Indexes.

The full June report can be found here and is available to nonsubscribers of SI materials.

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