ERISApedia Launches Program to Help Advisers Boost Web Presence

Professional Website Services by ERISApedia is designed to support financial advisers that work in the qualified plan space by helping them create or enhance their Web presence with fresh content and a fresh look.

ERISApedia has launched a new online initiative called Professional Website Services (PWS), which will provide clients in the qualified plan space with a wealth of regularly updated industry content including bi-monthly newsletters and social media material.

The program will offer fresh material written by Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) content authors on a regular basis. Its Web design templates feature customizable options including color and design elements to reflect a firm’s brand. The web design is hosted and mobile ready with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enhancement, allowing clients and prospective clients to easily learn more about a firm and contact it via any device.

“We have created PWS with convenient templates that can be modified to portray your company in the best light for those searching for ERISA professionals,” says Timothy McCutcheon, president and publisher of “We offer bi-monthly newsletters, automatically uploaded with our support. Our web templates clearly display on tablets or phones where 20%-40% of first-time visitors complete their research to find assistance. This is only one part of our ongoing efforts to add products and services of value to the benefit plan community.” is a Burrmont Compliance Labs Company providing retirement plan sponsors, administrators, attorneys and advisers a complete product suite of compliance and business development tools for ERISA professionals. The compliance tools provide users with access to compliance information and important retirement industry materials. The business development resources include tools for finding and filtering plan sponsor data from Form 5500 filings and their attachments, and also include professional website and client communication materials. With a platform that combines search tools and a user-friendly interface, provides tools for our customers to get answers and win clients.