ERISApedia Debuts Data-Mining Tool

PDI aims to be a resource for analyzing Form 5500.

Burrmont Compliance Labs LLC, parent company of, has launched a new data-mining tool, the Plan Data Intelligence ReSource (PDI).

PDI enables financial advisers to search Form 5500 data, along with the 5500 Schedule of Assets contained in the 5500 attachments, for specific assets or categories of assets. Through what Burrmont describes as “a revolutionary platform with a state-of-the-art user-friendly interface,” PDI also lets advisers customize their analyses based on location, plan or sponsor type, asset range, number of  participants, average participant account balance and other criteria. Plans may be located by way of financial filters, warning flags and other category types. 

PDI joins’s other compliance and business development tools, which, says company founder Tim McCutcheon provide “robust searchable data at a reasonable cost.”

Besides PDI, which is directed at financial advisers, also offers the CPA Prospecting ReSource, aimed at CPA firms involved in auditing employee benefit plans.