Employers Hoping for Repeal of Health Reform Law


Six in ten employers surveyed are hoping for full repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).




Fifty-six percent disagree a complete repeal of the law would be a major setback for the country, according to results from Health Care Reform 360, a multi-wave, national study by Market Strategies International. “Three in ten (29%) employers believe the Supreme Court will repeal the law in full while one-quarter (25%) believe only portions of the law will be stricken,” said Susan McIntyre, senior vice president in the company’s Health Care division.  

“While the majority of employers hope the law will be repealed, seven in ten (71%) feel there are some good parts of the law that should stay in place. The message from employers is that while they may not agree with the law as it is written today, there are elements that they believe should be retained,” she added.  

The study also found that six in ten (64%) companies across the country are waiting on the Supreme Court decision before making any major plans about how to respond to the law. Despite what the Supreme Court decides, an almost equal number of employers are waiting to make plans until after the 2012 fall elections.  

The Health Care Reform 360 study offers additional significant insight into employers’ plans for health care coverage as well as current levels of familiarity with the law, attitudes and concerns. Full results will be available in July.