“Down″ Down Under?

Australia has a private savings system that, by all accounts, is working to the benefit of savers and financial advisers alike – but it doesn’t seem to be making them happy.
In fact, a new survey by Beyond Blue and Beaton Consulting found that insurance brokers and accountants are among the most depressed workers in Australia.
Moreover, nearly 5% of people working at actuarial firms, which have the seventh highest proportion of workers suffering from depression, are using drugs and alcohol to try to combat symptoms.
But the profession with the largest percentage of depressed workers was – lawyers. And nearly a third are using alcohol and drugs to deal with the problem.
Overall, the study said that 16% of professionals exhibit moderate or severe forms of the depressive behavior, a rate that’s significantly higher than that of the general population. The study claims that depressed employees cost businesses an average of AUS$10,000 a year each. It also claims that younger professionals have higher rates of depressive symptoms than older professionals.
More than 17,000 people responded to the survey with more than 7500 of respondents working in the ten professions identified as being worst for depression. And here they are, in order:
1. Law
2. Patent Attorney
3. Insurance underwriting
4. Accounting
5. IT services
6. Architectural
7. Actuarial Firm
8. Engineering
9. Consulting
10. Insurance brokering
So, how’re YOU feeling?