DoL Expands on EFAST2 Info

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) has updated its frequently-asked-questions site dealing with EFAST2, the DoL electronic filing system for Form 5500 and related documents.

The new questions – and answers – deal with electronic filing of annual benefit plan reports related to delinquent or amended return/reports, retrieving e-mail messages possibly lost in spam filters, and time zone requirements for meeting the filing deadline.

Filers cannot use the Form 5500-SF (short form) to file 2008 or prior year late or amended return/reports, the department said in FAQ4a. The current Form 5500 must be used consistent with the directions provided in FAQ4, it said.

For plan year 2008 filings or amendments, filings of prior Form 5500-EZ “must use the correct prior year paper version only and must file it with the Internal Revenue Service,” the department said.

The FAQs are at