CUNA Mutual Offers Retirement Plan Investment Committee

CUNA Mutual Group, provider of financial services to credit unions, has introduced the Retirement Plan Services Investment Committee to provide enhanced due diligence support for plan sponsors offering its Choice 401(k) program.

The committee provides research, analytical studies and monitoring to provide solid due diligence reporting behind every investment option available in the Choice retirement program, according to Tom Eckert, CUNA Mutual vice president of Retirement Plan Services.  “We provide the reports and recommendations of the committee to our plan sponsors so they will have thorough information for their due diligence files,” he said in a press release.  

The five-person committee will meet quarterly and be comprised of experienced CUNA Mutual investment professionals.  Members include investment analysts, investment strategists, and Chartered Financial Analysts who all have a thorough understanding of ERISA regulation of retirement plan investments and financial product development and management.    

The committee includes: 

  • Scott Knapp, CFA and director of investment strategy, committee chairman; 
  • Thomas J. Merfeld, CFA, CPA, senior vice president and chief investment risk officer; 
  • Scott Powell, CFA,  managing director for general account investments; 
  • Christopher J. Copeland, FSA, CFA, vice president and corporate treasurer; and  
  • Thomas M. Preusker, investment analyst for Retirement Plan Services. 


In addition to traditional screens for investment quality and consistency, the committee has integrated unique behavioral screens into its analysis.  

The firm has engaged Mesirow Financial to provide an independent review and certification of its enhanced retirement platform due diligence process, according to the press release. Mesirow Financial will thoroughly evaluate CUNA Mutual’s investment manager screening, evaluation, reporting and monitoring processes and provide an independent certification that CUNA Mutual’s processes meet or exceed industry standards.   

CUNA Mutual manages 4,000 credit union retirement plans representing $6 billion in assets under administration.   

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