CPI Gets 403(b)s into Compliance, PDQ!

CPI Common Remitter Services, a division of CPI Qualified Plan Consultants, Inc., released CRS PDQ, a 403(b) common remitter and compliance oversight program.

According to the announcement, CRS PDQ features a prototype document that can be in place on the upcoming 403(b) regulation deadline of January 1. “The key to CRS PDQ is making certain that the key compliance components are completed first. At this point, that is the plan document,” said Jon Prescott, CPI’s chief marketing officer, in a release.

CPI Common Remitter Services will then establish the common remitter and compliance oversight program. There are “no minimum or maximum number of vendors, little or no changes to the employer’s payroll process, and no massive changes to the employer’s day-to-day operations,’ according to Prescott.

More information is available at www.cpiqpc.com or 800.279.9916×765.