Claymore Releases Web-Based Index Allocation Tool

The Index Allocator allows investors and advisers to create hypothetical index asset allocation strategies.

Claymore Securities Inc. introduced The Index Allocator, a Web-based tool designed to assist investors and their financial advisers in evaluating and comparing asset allocation strategies, according to a press release. The tool enables investors to create custom hypothetical allocations using a variety of broad market, equity, and fixed-income indexes as well as narrow indexes focused on specific industries or niche markets.

The Index Allocator offers more than 40 indexes to be used in the hypothetical allocations. The resulting hypothetical reports provide extensive analytics including up-market capture, down-market capture, standard deviation, Sharpe ratio, alpha, beta, and R-squared.

“The Index Allocator helps illustrate the impact of allocating a portfolio across different markets,’ said Christian Magoon, president of Claymore Securities, Inc, in the release. “The tool includes graphical reports that help financial advisers explain how asset allocation influences risk and return.’

The tool is available at