Cetera Unveils ‘All-In-One’ Marketing Platform

The MarketingCentral platform also delivers access to a content library including videos, infographics, quizzes and calculators.

Cetera has launched a new marketing support platform for its advisers, dubbed “MarketingCentral.”

The platform is designed to deliver all of an adviser’s marketing needs in one place. According to the firm’s launch announcement, MarketingCentral brings together multi-touch email campaigns, social media, print, presentations and events marketing tools. In addition, Cetera advisers gain access to a content library that includes videos, infographics, articles, quizzes, calculators and more.

Ryan Marshall, Certified Financial Planner from ELA Financial Group, Inc., says the new platform can help modernize advisers’ marketing strategies.

“It takes the guesswork out of what to send to clients and when to send it,” Marshall says. “It helps us understand what our clients care about most in life so that we keep them informed on the journey to establishing or maintaining financial wellness.”

Cetera’s Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Zuna, says the firm remains committed to offering turnkey marketing tools to help keep its advisers competitive in a marketplace that demands “smarter, automated and more personalized marketing.” He adds that the firm won’t be stopping with the launch of MarketingCentral.

MarketingCentral was built in collaboration with FMG Suite. Zuna says Cetera expects to add AI-driven content to MarketingCentral in future platform enhancements.