Burger Kings

Food&Wine has created its list of the top 25 burgers across the U.S.  Warning: reading the following article may result in stomach gurgling and mouth watering.   

The inevitable “burger-craving” hits everyone and cannot be easily dismissed.  Food&Wine has compiled a list of what it says are the top 25 burgers in the United States (with only one fast-food chain on the list).   

The top ten are:

1.  In-N-Out Burger – California.  Signature Burger: Cheeseburger 

2. Minetta Tavern – New York City.  Signature Burger: Black Label Burger (topped with with caramelized onions).  (Pictured here.)  

3. Holeman & Finch – Atlanta. Signature Burger: Burger 

4. Ray’s Hell Burger – Arlington, Virginia. Signature Burger: Basic Beef Burger (served in a brioche bun). 

5. Craigie on Main – Boston.  Signature Burger: Beefburger 

6. Louis’ Lunch – New Haven, Connecticut. Signature Burger: The Original Burger (prepared with a combination of chuck and sirloin beef). 

7. Zuni Café – San Francisco.  Signature Burger: House-ground hamburger (served in a grilled rosemary focaccia). 

8. Dyer’s Burgers – Memphis, Tennessee. Signature Burger: Dyer’s Cheeseburger 

9. Custom House Tavern – Chicago. Signature Burger: Custom House Burger (short rib, sirloin, and ground pork patty topped with aged cheddar cheese, and shaved onion, served in a sourdough brioche bun). 

10. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink – Miami, Florida. Signature Burger: Black Angus Burger (served in a brioche bun). 

To see the full list, click here.   

So for your next meeting with a prospective client, wow them with your value-proposition, but maybe introducing them to one of the best burgers in the country will show them you really care.