BPAS Introduces Plan Benchmarking Report

BPAS said its new benchmarking tool helps financial intermediaries prepare for annual plan meetings.

BPAS, provider of retirement plan administration, recently rolled out its Annual Plan Review Report to plan sponsor clients.

According to a press release, the Annual Plan Review Report provides a detailed examination a plan’s data, including topics such as average balances, participation rates, fund utilization, participants invested in the default fund, average balances by age and compensation groups, loan utilization, and other considerations.

The report benchmarks the plan against industry and BPAS averages and aids financial intermediaries in preparing for the annual plan update meeting with plan sponsors, the company said.

For more information, contact Paul Neveu at 603.580.5522 or pneveu@bpas.com, or Bob Malczyk at 315.292.6908 or bmalczyk@bpas.com.