Bell Introduces Mutual Fund to Track Global Trends

Bell Investment Advisors launched the Bell Worldwide Trends Fund, a mutual fund investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

The mutual fund is designed to invest in the strongest global investment trends, said the press release from Bell Investment Advisors, a wealth management firm with more than $500 million in assets under management.

The fund primarily invests in ETFs, based on Bell’s methodology. Bell’s investment management team monitors more than 800 ETFs and mutual funds and then identifies the market trends with the most relative strength. The fund allows investors to gain exposure to different investment markets within a single fund, the company said.

“By utilizing a wide universe of funds, this fund takes a global approach seeking to leverage the trends we believe will provide the strongest relative returns for investors,’ said Dana Nelson, co-portfolio manager, alongside Matthew King, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer. “The rapid growth within the ETF marketplace provides us with liquidity, flexibility, and immediate access to specific markets, geographic regions, or sectors, which we choose based on market leadership,’ she commented.

The minimum investment for the mutual fund is $2,500. The fund prospectus is available by calling 1-888-592-2355.