Beaumont Capital Launches Two Strategies

Beaumont Capital Management (BCM), provider of quantitative ETF-based investment portfolios, launched the new strategies on the ASSETMark platform.

BCM Decathlon Aspect series offers diversity and innovation to advisers seeking tactical global market exposure. The two new additions to BCM’s defensive-oriented strategies take a risk-conscious approach, and were developed exclusively for the AssetMark platform. Through long-only exchange-traded fund (ETF)-built portfolios, the strategies are managed with maximum volatility and drawdown goals designed to address specific investor risk profiles. 

The BCM Decathlon Moderate Aspect limits total equity exposure to 70% of the portfolio. The slightly more aggressive BCM Decathlon Growth Aspect targets more total volatility and drawdown.

“It’s a privilege to have landed these new strategies for AssetMark,” says David Haviland, managing partner and portfolio manager at Beaumont Capital Management. “It’s encouraging for us that these strategies are resonating with the advisers using the platform, and we plan to deepen this relationship over time.”

More information on the Decathlon series is available here.