Bear Stearns Broadens Mutual Fund Platform

Bear Stearns Broker-Dealer&Investment Advisor Services (BDIAS) on Tuesday announced it is significantly broadening its mutual fund platform by expanding the list of available funds and adding to its set of mutual fund research tools.
According to the announcement, over 10,000 funds spanning more than 300 fund families are now available through the Bear Stearns mutual fund platform, including approximately 5,600 no load and load-waived funds. Over 3,400 funds will be available through FundCIRCUIT, the Bear Stearns No Transaction Fee (NTF) Platform, more than doubling the current roster of funds, the announcement said.
To help clients analyze and compare different funds, BDIAS has added NewRiver’s FundPOINT Desktop to its suite of products which includes FundTOOLS, a set of research tools powered by Morningstar. Both mutual fund research engines are available through the BDIAS Web portal.
FundPOINT Desktop provides access to mutual fund prospectus information, and includes features such as a share class analysis tool, information related to breakpoints, rights of accumulation, and letters of intent.
FundTOOLS includes three research functions from Morningstar:
  • Fund Compare offers clients the ability to compare performance, yield, ratios and other characteristics for multiple mutual funds.
  • Fund Screener allows clients to set specific criteria, such as cost, return, and ratings and then screens funds available through Bear Stearns for a match.
  • Investment Profiles provides clients with access to in-depth information on mutual funds, such as the Morningstar Rating, Morningstar Style Box, performance and portfolio sector breakdowns.
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