BCG Offers New Rollover Solution

Considering the retirement savings lost every year by participants who take lump-sum distributions of their plan accounts, Benefit Consultants Group launched a service that “offers a unique approach to a void in the marketplace.”

According to a BCG announcement, the company has launched a Web site ( designed to connect employees with qualified financial professionals as well as provide an efficient means to take care of the distribution or rollover process. Beau Adams, executive vice president of business development at BCG, said in the release: “You simply log on to to open an IRA rollover account, initiate a transfer of account, and choose from an extensive list of top performing investment options. Or, you can call and speak to a financial adviser for expert advice—it’s that simple.”

Tom Monahan, the financial adviser who originally worked with BCG on the offering, added: “This is a service employees from companies of all sizes are in desperate need of. This is a huge benefit for business owners, HR professionals and employees.”

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