Archimedes Introduces RMD Modeling Tool

Archimedes Systems has a new “RMD-Stretch IRA” modeling tool to help financial advisers and their clients better plan a retirement distribution strategy.

Archimedes’ required minimum distribution (RMD) Web tool enables users to:

    * Determine current and future RMDs
    * Project account balances annually throughout the life of the IRA
    * Model investment growth scenarios with pre/post retirement rate of returns
    * Illustrate the potential long-term financial impact of various beneficiary strategies
    * View and compare both Traditional and Roth IRA “Stretch” scenarios
    * Input all information and view results on a single, easy-to-navigate screen
    * Print and save report illustrations as PDFs.

The company said the new interactive FLASH tool will help advisers and investors with retirement distribution and income planning while providing important information for estate and tax planning strategies. 

A version of the tool for iPad is currently under development and expected to be released this summer. 

“Some retirees won’t need their RMDs and will want to plan accordingly.  Those that do need them will be able to easily model future distributions to include in their plans,”  said Stephen Daniels, Archimedes’ Director of Retirement Planning Solutions.