Aperio Group to Use WisdomTree Indexes for Tax-Managed Accounts Business

WisdomTree Investments, Inc. has licensed its WisdomTree Indexes to Aperio Group LLC, a California-based financial adviser that provides asset management services to taxable investors.

Aperio, which manages approximately $1.3 billion in assets for high net worth individuals and institutions, will use the WisdomTree Indexes as benchmarks for its tax-managed separate account business.

In particular, Aperio will use tax-management techniques in an effort to outperform a pure replication of the WisdomTree Indexes on an after-tax basis by engaging in a systematic program of tax loss harvesting and capital gain deferral.

“Fundamentally weighted index strategies provide a natural alternative benchmark and we are excited to offer WisdomTree’s family of dividend-based indexes to our clients,’ said Patrick Geddes, Chief Investment Officer and Director of Quantitative Research for Aperio, in the announcement.

WisdomTree’s deal with Aperio makes it the second licensing agreement since it began offering the indexes, which anchor the initial weights of individual stocks to a measure of fundamental value.