All Cap Product Reduces Style, Market Cap Limits

Paradigm Asset Management Co. LLC, announced the development of an All Cap Core Opportunistic Strategy created to offer unconstrained exposure to a broad range of investment opportunities by removing style and market cap limitations.

According to Greg Pai, managing director of Paradigm—a manager of quant-active equity strategies for institutional investors—the All Cap product is designed to leverage Paradigm’s entire research platform in a totally unconstrained fashion. “There are no style screens, filters or valuation metrics used that serve to limit the initial opportunity set,” said Pai in a press release. “Instead we apply our proprietary AlphaMax ranking research process to our entire universe that seeks to indentify direction of the overall market’s character and direction as defined by industries, risk factors, and securities.’

The investment objective for the All Cap Core product is to produce 500 to 700 basis points of annualized excess return with 500 to 600 basis points of tracking error relative to the Russell 3000 Index, the release said.

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