Advizr Boosts Software with Retirement Financial Planning

The firm is adding a wave of new features designed to help advisers develop holistic and simplified financial plans for their retiree client base. 

Advizr is enhancing its financial planning platform with retirement-focused components to help advisers simplify the creation of financial plans for their retiree base.

The new Retirement Income Planning set of features will allow advisers help their clients maximize their Social Security start age in consideration of other asset types and distributions. It could also demonstrate current and recommended coverage for disability, Illustrate value of retirement accounts given an event that necessitates long-term care at a chosen age, as well as proposed value of said accounts given the purchase of additional LTC insurance coverage.

The platform will also provide one-click expense estimation for budgeting drawn directly from actual spending habits of clients. Variable, fixed and indexed annuities modeling will also be part of the enhancement. Moreover, the platform will allow for designing income distribution strategies with the ability to control the account distribution strategies for retirement goals.  

“Extending our platform’s advanced functionality to cover Social Security optimization and income distribution strategies was a natural progression,” says Hussain Zaidi, Advizr’s CEO  and co-founder. “With that, most of this functionality has always been under the hood, as our greatest focus has always been on user experience and that will never change. We are determined to help our advisers deliver more engaged financial plans, and we believe the mix of planning functionality and smart design is critical.”