Advisory Firm Launches 401(k) Investment Management Program

An Overland Park, Kansas advisory firm has unveiled a program under which it chooses a 401(k) plan’s investment option lineup and assumes fiduciary responsibility for its choices.

A news release from Sanders Booze Capital Advisors said the company’s 401(k) Fiduciary Navigator Program allows it to take responsibility for the selection, monitoring, and deselection of the plan’s investment options based on investment criteria set by the plan’s investment committee.

“Investment outsourcing has already proven to be very popular in the traditional defined benefit pension industry as plan sponsors realized they can achieve greater efficiencies by delegating their investment fiduciary duties. Now, we allow 401(k) plan sponsors to improve their plan’s efficiency and greatly reduce their fiduciary risk. This allows plan sponsors to concentrate on running their business – not their retirement plans” said Ron Sanders, co-founder and president, in the news release.

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