Advantus Strategic Dividend Income Fund Gets Institutional Share Class

Advantus Capital Management launched an institutional share class of the Advantus Strategic Dividend Income Fund, which invests in a wide array of dividend-paying equity securities.

The fund invests primarily in dividend-paying equity securities, including common and preferred stock of utilities, and infrastructure- and realestate-related companies—with about half the fund’s portfolio going to real estate.

Additionally, up to 25% of the fund’s assets may be invested in the securities of master limited partnerships, and fund adviser Advantus Capital may also invest in: exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded notes, and Treasury inflation protected securities and futures. The fund may also write covered calls to manage inflation or volatility, increase income or gain market exposure.

Advantus Strategic Dividend Income Fund’s management team of three portfolio managers are: Joseph R. Betlej, Lowell R. Bolken and Craig M. Stapleton. Quasar Distributors is the fund’s distributor. Advantus, based in St. Paul, Minn., and a subsidiary of Securian Financial Group, manages more than $24 billion in assets under management for public and corporate pension plans, foundations and endowments, and insurance general acccounts.