ABG-IL Offers Financial Fitness Program for Participants

Alliance Benefit Group – Illinois (ABG-IL) is offering a financial fitness program to retirement plan participants.

ABG-IL has partnered with BALANCE, a financial counseling and education company, to provide free and confidential financial counseling and education to retirement plan participants. Through the program, participants can get help with managing budgets, getting out of debt, understanding credit reports, buying a home, senior issues, and planning for their financial future.

BALANCE is designed to provide basic assistance with all aspects of personal finance. In many cases, trained BALANCE counselors can answer questions immediately—from how long an item stays on your credit report to whether it’s better to lease or buy a car. For more complex issues, such as debt elimination or budget development, appointments may be scheduled.

“Financial fitness is a pre-requisite for retirement readiness. We’re committed to providing retirement plan participants access to information and tools that can help them save more now and over their working years in order to successfully transition to retirement later,” says John Blossom, ABG-IL’s chief executive officer. He added. “We know that it’s key to make these solutions easy to access and easy to use. BALANCE is a great complement to our website services and our mobile app that gives participants easy access to account balances and transaction activity.”

BALANCE Financial Fitness is accessed by participants of clients of ABG-IL via its participant website and by telephone. More information about the company is at http://www.abgil.com.