World Equity Markets See Negative Three-month Period

The world’s developed and emerging equity markets both lost ground in August, and have produced double-digit, negative returns over the past three-months, according to Standard&Poor’s.

S&P’s monthly stock market review, The World by Numbers, found said developed equity markets lost 1.56% in August and have fallen 11.55% over the past three months. The world’s emerging equity markets fell 7.09% in August and 19.40% over the past three months.

For August, within emerging markets, only the Philippines (+1.68%) and Thailand (+0.90%) managed to produce positive gains in August. Pakistan declined 20.57% as political unrest continued, while Russia declined 15.23%. Within developed equity markets only the United States (+1.54%) and the Netherlands (+0.85%) produced positive returns during the month.

Six of the ten GICS sectors declined in August as Materials posted a -6.99% return. Consumer Discretionary in the U.S. rebounded to produce a return of 1.89%, but the ex/U.S. component of the group was off 1.99% for the month.

Growth and Value were both down in August, but performance was split by region, S&P said. Growth’s overall 1.60% decline during the month was the result of a 6.63% drop in the Asian Pacific market and a 1.46% gain in the North American region. Value saw similar results, declining 1.50% during the month with Asia Pacific down 4.46% and North America up 0.92%.

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