PLANADVISER Webinar: Student Loan Debt and Financial Wellness

Sponsored by Studies show student debt has affected the Millennial generation more adversely than any other age cohort, with many 25-year-olds to 40-year-olds feeling financially crippled by the skyrocketing cost of college tuition at a crucial point in their lives—and in an economy struggling to recover. However, it is not just the Millennial Generation that is feeling the squeeze, as Generation X workers and even late-career Baby Boomers are also grappling with the cost of education. According to one study, as of November 2021, Americans owed a collective $1.75 trillion in student debt. The same study suggests the ever-growing cost of college tuition, coupled with catastrophic economic events such as the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, have left many workers in poor financial shape. Recognizing this dynamic, this hour-long editorial webinar will analyze the financial standing of the many millions of U.S. workers who hold student debt—with a special focus on discussing solutions to the debt challenge. Speakers will consider the employer, employee and adviser perspectives, offering their insights on the intersection of financial wellness, retirement planning and student debt in 2022. You don’t want to miss this edition of the PLANADVISER Practice Progress webinar series!