Top Ten Internet Searches of 2011

And if you don’t know who or what these things are... you know what to do.  


The end-of-year lists have arrived! What are we going to remember (and probably forget by mid-January) from 2011?   

The most popular way to analyze the biggest events of the past year is to look at what were the most frequent topics of Internet searches.  This most likely involves “googling” something you want to know more about, but other search engines still count and each has come out with their own list (or several categorized lists).   

And the winners are:

According to Reuters: 

10. iPad2

9. Steve Jobs


7. Adele

6.  iPhone5

5.  Battlefield 3

4.  Casey Anthony

3.  Ryan Dunn

2.  Google+

1.  Rebecca Black

According to Yahoo: 

10. Osama bin Laden

9. Japan earthquake

8. Jennifer Aniston

7. American Idol

6. Lindsay Lohan

5. Jennifer Lopez

4. Katy Perry

3. Kim Kardashian

2. Casey Anthony

1. iPhone

Google’s “fastest rising” searches: 

10. Steve Jobs

9. Osama bin Laden

8. Adele

7. Casey Anthony

6. iPhone 5

5. Ryan Dunn

4. Pinterest

3. Hurricane Irene

2. Google+

1. Rebecca Black

Google Images’ “fastest rising” searches: 

10. Royal Wedding

9. Casey Anthony

8. Rebecca Black

7. Mariah Carey twins

6. Ryan Dunn

5. Hope Solo

4. Pippa Middleton

3. Justin Bieber 2011

2. Kate Upton

1. Planking

And with “Planking” as the Google Image that rose the fastest in popularity in 2011… have a happy and healthy New Year.