Tips and Tricks to Find the Best Travel Deals

Millennials more than other travelers are getting their “travel geek” on, with frequent trips and tricks that save money.

What makes a really committed traveler? According to a survey from Hotwire, the travel app, self-described “travel geeks” differ from ordinary U.S. trip-takers in several ways.

Travel geeks travel more, take more spontaneous trips and save more money than other U.S. trip-takers, Hotwire finds. They are active, experienced searchers who know how to find great deals on travel and accommodation (87% of geeks versus 36% of other travelers). They frequently book last-minute travel (36% vs. 8%).

These travelers tend to be young. Of the 18% who identified themselves as travel geeks, Millennials were also the most prevalent, at 27% for males and 19% for females age 18 to 34. Students appear to be generally more eager to get out and travel, with 24% of that group identifying themselves as travel geeks.

Attitude might go a long way in the travel geek’s persona. “Confidence seems like a big factor in getting the most out of travel,” says Henrik Kjellberg, chief executive of Hotwire. “Our survey data demonstrates that self-proclaimed ‘travel geeks’ are much more comfortable navigating the travel landscape, but their specific travel practices are things everyone can adopt.” The survey points out that anyone can adopt several behaviors in order to get more out of being on the road.

Practices and tips that help travelers find the best deals include:

  • Maximize loyalty programs such as frequent-flyer miles and hotel points (60% of geeks versus versus 12% of other travelers);
  • Use vacation days to travel instead of taking extra pay for the days they do not use (76% versus 53%); and
  • Use online discount websites to book travel (64% versus 47%).