Partner to Prosper

Best practices in strategic partnerships

Growing practice while maintaining superior service levels continues to be a top priority among retirement plan advisors. With the constant demands on your time, when and how do you find new clients while keeping up with your existing book? In our business we have the opportunity to work closely with advisors across the country from a wide variety of firms who manage everything from the micro- to the mega-plan business. A consistent theme that we hear is around the concept of strategic partnering. In theory, advisors have been doing this for years with Certified Public Accounts, Benefits Specialists, Third Party Administrators, etc. However, we are seeing two specific trends in the evolution of strategic partnering: 1) the emergence of retirement plan advisors partnering with generalist wealth advisors to gain new business. Additionally, government regulation may continue to drive this trend. 2) A more formalized partnership structure with written guidelines and principles.

In this Survey, we partnered with PLANADVISER to gain insight into the new evolution in strategic partnering.

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