TCW Launches Small- and Mid-Cap Growth Fund

The TCW Group, Inc., an international asset-management firm, announced the availability of the TCW SMID Cap Growth Fund.

The TCW SMID Cap Growth Fund (TGSDX/TGMDX) invests in stocks of small and mid-cap growth companies that generally fall within the market capitalization range of the Russell 2500 Growth Index. The fund is managed by Husam Nazer, who along with Brendt Stallings, co-heads TCW’s Small and Mid-Cap Growth Equities team.   

According to the announcement, the fund adheres to the same fundamental research, sector diversification and cash flow-based approach as the TCW Small Cap Growth Fund (TGSCX/TGSNX) and the TCW Growth Equities Fund (TGGEX/TGDNX).