SunGard and WMSI Launch Marketing Alliance

SunGard has announced a joint marketing agreement between its ProNvest and Signix business units with Wealth Management Systems Inc. (WMSI), a provider of technology-based rollover services.

This alliance expands the professional advice and guidance services available to participants using the WMSI platform and will help ProNvest to streamline and expand its rollover processing by leveraging WMSI’s technology. Both companies will cross-sell to the other’s customer base.

The new arrangement integrates SunGard’s professional advice, rollover processing, and digital signature solutions with WMSI’s rollover technology to achieve a functional participant advice and distribution platform. According to a press release, highlights include:

  • paperless document processing,
  • open-architecture investment advice, and
  • connectivity from SunGard recordkeeping systems to IRA product providers in WMSI’s Rollover Solutions Network.

These new rollover services can be provided either online or via a call center and will be offered to SunGard’s ProNvest and WMSI customers.