Still Going Strong

The nation's oldest CEO celebrated a birthday this week.
Jack A. Weil, the founder and chief executive of Denver-based Rockmount Ranch Wear, who is believed to be the nation’s oldest CEO, turned 106 this week.
His Western shirt design with snaps instead of buttons has endured as a hit for decades, and the firm’s fashions were prominent in the film Brokeback Mountain. While Weil’s grandson Steve heads daily operations of the manufacturing company, Mr. Weil typically works about four hours each weekday at the office, according to the Denver Post.
In a recent interview with the Post, “Papa Jack’ offered the following observations:
  • On building a successful business: “You’ve got to consider the environment, and you’ve got to consider the times. I learned a long time ago that I don’t want anyone to give me more than 5 percent of my business. Because if I lose them, that would put too much pressure on (the company).”
  • On dealing with overdue customers: “I suggest that they send me three or four checks post-dated. Not too many (business) people do that. You have to understand your customers’ problems.”
  • On working every day: “What the heck else would I do?”
  • On money and politics: “I’ve always felt that a young man worth his salt is a Democrat until he makes a little money. And if he wants to save that money, he becomes a Republican.”
  • On drinking whiskey: “I drink for medicinal purposes. I take a shot of Jack Daniel’s about twice a week to keep my blood thin.”
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