S&P Adds to Global Thematic Indexes

Standard&Poor’s has added the S&P Global Timber&Forestry Index, S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index, and S&P Global Alternative Energy Index to the group of S&P Global Thematic Indices.

The new indexes offer investors exposure to new, emerging investment themes within the global markets, according to an announcement from the firm. The S&P Global Thematic Indices is now comprised of six indexes and is designed to provide liquid exposure to investment themes that cut across traditional industry definitions and geographical boundaries, S&P said.

The S&P Global Timber & Forestry Index is comprised of 25 stocks from around the world that represent the timber and forestry investment theme, including forest products companies, timber REITs, paper products companies, paper packaging companies or agricultural product companies that are engaged in the ownership, management, or the upstream supply chain of forests and timberlands.

The S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index includes 20 of the largest publicly traded companies in the global nuclear energy business from both developed and emerging markets equally distributed between two clusters: Nuclear Materials, Equipment and Services and Nuclear Energy Generation, the announcement said.

The S&P Global Alternative Energy Index is designed to measure investable opportunities in the complete global alternative energy space and is comprised of the S&P Global Clean Energy Index and the S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index.

More information and a white paper discussing the growing investment interest in timber and forestry and the role of the S&P Global Timber & Forestry Index in providing exposure to the investable global timber and forestry market – “Listed Global Timber & Forestry Assets” – can be found at www.standardandpoors.com/indices.