Snacks Make Happier Employees

Maybe actual carrots are the carrot. Office workers crave—and appreciate—free snacks.

According to a survey by online grocer, office workers who get free snacks at work are happier. Two out of three staffers whose office cupboards and fridge are always stocked say they are extremely or very happy with their current job.

Healthy options are much appreciated: 83% call “healthy and fresh” options—fruit, vegetables, yogurt, low-calorie snacks—a “huge perk.”

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While more than half (55%) have free coffee, tea or hot cocoa, far fewer (only 16%) have free food such as snacks, treats and groceries.

Companies seeking to attract Millennials are especially advised to offer good food perks: Millennials were nearly three times as likely to value in-office treats, compared with employees age 45 and up. Two thirds of Millennials also agree with the statement, “If I found or were offered a job at another company with better perks, including availability of snacks, I would take it.”

Some of the most popular fruits for office delivery include bananas (the biggest seller), navel and clementine oranges, strawberries and blueberries, Gala apples, red seedless grapes and Bartlett pears, according to the survey. Popular sodas are Diet Coke, Coke and Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Other favorites are Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars Oats ‘n Honey, snack packs such as Snyder’s of Hanover 100 Pretzel Minis and Frito-Lay Variety Pack Classic Mix and yogurt, including, Chobani Greek yogurt with strawberry or blueberry fruit on the bottom.

Among those workers offered free food or beverages, nearly half (48%) consume in-office snacks or beverages up to four times per week; three in ten (29%) do so once a day or more often.