Roxbury Managers Launch New Firm, Funds

Silas Myers and Brian Massey, longtime portfolio managers at Roxbury Capital Management, have launched a new large-cap growth firm with the full backing of their former employer.

The new firm, Mar Vista Investment Partners, will initially offer two strategies: Strategic Growth and Focus. Strategic Growth is a diversified large-cap growth portfolio with 30-50 names. Focus is more concentrated, holding 15-20 of the firm’s highest conviction stocks.

Mar Vista’s approach emphasizes buying high quality growth businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and abundant opportunities to grow and reinvest capital at high rates of return. Unlike most other growth managers, the firm says its unique bottom-up approach also places a heavy emphasis on valuation.

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Myers holds a majority interest in Mar Vista and is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. Massey is Mar Vista’s President. Both serve as portfolio managers for the Strategic Growth and Focus strategies.

Prior to forming Mar Vista, Myers and Massey ran large-cap portfolios at Roxbury for more than five years. “While we are out on our own now, we will retain a very close relationship with Roxbury,” notes Myers, in a press release. “In fact, we have leased space from Roxbury and contracted with the firm to provide various marketing, operations, client service, trading and analytical support.” Mar Vista will also sub-advise Roxbury’s large-cap strategies.

Roxbury provided the seed capital to get the new firm started, extending its commitment to build a family of independent investment boutiques, according to the firm. Mar Vista represents Roxbury’s first investment in a minority-owned emerging manager.

For more information, you can visit Mar Vista’s website at