RolloverSystems Snags NRP Contract

California-based National Retirement Partners Inc (NRP) has signed RolloverSystems to help with its asset-retention and rollover strategy.
National Retirement Partners, Inc., a network of independent retirement plan focused advisors with more than 3,000 retirement plans and assets in excess of $24 billion, has selected Charlotte, North Carolina-based RolloverSystems platform as part of its asset retention and rollover strategy. NRP has launched the program with 5 of their Member Firms, according to a press release.
“NRP conducted a very thorough review of potential partners for this initiative and RolloverSystems clearly demonstrated superior know-how with regards to assisting terminated participants through the rollover process,” said Bob Francis, Chief Operating Officer at NRP.
Customization Options
NRP advisors will have the ability to customize a segmentation strategy based on a number of factors, including the amount of the rollover. By pre-populating participant data and combining IRA account opening and benefit election in one place, the RolloverSystems Platform streamlines the rollover process and reduces the administrative burden, according to a press release.
“We pride ourselves on being uniquely capable of meeting the needs of financial advisors as key stakeholders in the rollover process,” said Lisa Pickrum, RolloverSystems CEO. “As a nationwide network of retirement plan focused advisors, NRP’s selection of our platform to function as the engine behind their rollover strategy underscores this achievement.”
“The program with RolloverSystems is significant in our continuing expansion of advisor products and services,” said NRP president and CEO Bill Chetney. ” We look forward to rolling this out to all NRP Member Firms.”