2022 RPAY – Lisa Garcia, SageView Advisory Group

  • How many plan assets do you have under advisement? $3 billion
  • What is your median plan size (in assets)? $36 million
  • How many plans do you have under administration? 83
  • How many participants in total do you serve? 61,000

PLANADVISER: How is your team/process/structure unique? How has it evolved? Where will you be in five years?

Garcia: Our team consists of 5 individuals all with very specific expertise and contribution to the service model but also all have well-rounded knowledge of the industry to service our clients in every capacity allowing us to better work as team.  Our culture regionally as team as well as nationally is inequivalently what makes us a better team. SageView has a culture of collaborative service, which leverages expertise across our firm to strengthen how we serve our clients both geographically and technically. Doing what is right for our clients, providing a transparent and above average level of service is found throughout the entire organization at SageView. We collectively work together, share ideas, best practices, lessons learned, etc. to leverage the experience of our entire firm and better serve our clients.  My goal is to continue on the path that I’m on for the next 5+ years contributing to the growth of the organization, expanding the team as necessary and continuing to get involved in various ways to make a positive impact to our industry and help others starting in this career.


PLANADVISER: As a retirement plan adviser, what do you take the most pride in?

Garcia: Developing a relationship with clients where I’ve become their trusted advisor and partner. This relationship also applies to the participants we serve and helping individuals feel more confident and comfortable about their finances gives me a lot of pride as well as that is the main objective of we do as retirement plan advisors.


PLANADVISER: How do you grow your business? What changes to your practice or service model are you planning for 2022 or 2023?  

Garcia: There are various channels I maintain in order to grow my business. This includes developing valuable relationships with centers of influence (i.e. health and welfare brokers, CPA), RFP’s, as well as sponsoring HR and Finance conferences where we host prospecting events.  In addition to continuing to add clients, our team is focused on fine tuning our participant financial wellness efforts in 2022 – 2023.


PLANADVISER: How do you go about moving from words and ideas to action when it comes to addressing the lack of diversity in the financial advisory industry? 

Garcia: Looking for ways to get involved with different organizations within the industry and in the community to continue to bring awareness not only on the lack of diversity in the industry but most importantly to me personally is the lack of financial literacy in underrepresented communities. Collaborating with colleagues in the industry that share the common goal to make an impact in the area of DE&I.


PLANADVISER: What are some of the benefits that an equitable and inclusive culture bring to a firm and its people? 

Garcia: An equitable and inclusive culture provides individuals with a sense of belonging and respect, which turns into joy at work. To enjoy the work one does, alongside with a team and organization that values you as an individual makes an impactful difference.  This results in many benefits to an organization from business perspective, in the form of employee engagement, job satisfaction, connection to the overall mission of the organization and ultimately a positive impact to the bottom line. This culture of inclusivity also helps firms better connect with the plan sponsors and especially the employees we serve.